Author: ZenKimchi

Going to the Parmacist

WEDNESDAY One of my classes had two new students. They had yet to get English names. So I named them Dante and Maria. The kids got a kick out of Maria because one of them is named Mario. Dante turned out to be more outgoing than...

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Observations on the Safety of Sidewalks

TUESDAY As my schedule currently goes, I finish all my classes by around 1:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I used the afternoon to set up next month’s lesson plans for three elementary classes. Mindy is leaving this week. I...

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MONDAY It’s not only the children who torture us. The parents have fun at our expense too. I have a pair of twins in one of my classes, and their mother consistently dresses them in matching clothes every day. I have a...

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Balentine’s Day

From diary: THURSDAY Chicken and beer from Two Two Chicken. Oh yes. I know where to go to get my western fix without actually eating western food. Brant ordered a whole fried chicken to go, and they asked us to sit down while it...

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Joe Teach-a!!!

Where was I? Oh yeah, the rest of Tuesday. I have to write these things down as they happen, or I’ll forget things. I know there were a lot of little things to blog about, but it’s all a blur. When I returned from...

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