Author: ZenKimchi

“Skeletor Is a Good Kid…”

Even though the class is graduating on Thursday, I decided to give Venus class actual work to do. No more “Joe Teach-a plays games.” I started writing their names on the board for speaking Korean during class time,...

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My Noodles Have Heads!

Okay, I have finally been served a lunch item that I cannot stomach. I looked down at what looked like little noodles on my tray, and they had heads! They were the dried anchovies that we give the kids as snacks but in cooked...

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Hot Buttered Squid

FRIDAY After lunch was the Birthday Party. They do this every month for people having birthdays that month. We filed all the kids into the “gym.” Brant emceed wearing a silk olive-colored traditional Chinese shirt...

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Is It Really Called a Hot Dog?

THURSDAY Well, we went out to the post office to buy stamps and mail our letters. The kids, that is. It was mostly my job to make sure they stayed in line and didn’t run out into traffic. Next we had to go to the...

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Going to the Parmacist

WEDNESDAY One of my classes had two new students. They had yet to get English names. So I named them Dante and Maria. The kids got a kick out of Maria because one of them is named Mario. Dante turned out to be more outgoing than...

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