Le Train Internationale

Well, SJ officially broke up with me this weekend. The relationship was getting too stressful with the job and everything, which I understand. She nonetheless … Read more

The Week at a Snail’s Pace

Wednesday morning I noticed that this month’s science materials had arrived. The materials were late, so I had been spending class time taking the kids … Read more

Pizza Ajossi

I met the teenagers after school to teach them how to sing Toto properly. I think I was misinformed on the details. They didn’t look … Read more

Toto Too?

Haven’t felt much like writing for a few days. I guess it’s because I’ve been writing over fifty student evaluations and coming up with new … Read more

Buddha’s Birthday

We had the day off for Buddha’s Birthday. Not many people got my tasteless joke that I needed to go out and get a Buddha … Read more