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Deva has grown a new palate since leaving Africa. She is a journalist in teacher's clothing, and writes on food and culture when not planning her escape from the classroom. She is easily pleased by wine, women and song.

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Confessions of a Kimchi Craver

There was a brief stretch in my first month in Korea when I stopped eating kimchi. I blame culture shock. I had not yet grown my Asian palate and had made the expat’s error of expecting certain colours and shapes to correspond to familiar tastes. I spent far too...

Korea’s Collective Belly

The best food and travel writers have taught us that regional cuisine is one of the ways in which culture is made manifest. Food is never simply fuel; it’s ritualistic by default. The way that it is prepared, served and eaten can reveal much about a nation’s histories...
A Day in King Crab Vegas

A Day in King Crab Vegas

There are no casinos in Yeongdeok, but few other places rival the gaudy, hyperreal simulacra of the infamous city in the Nevada desert. Clinging to the buildings on Yeongdeok’s waterfront are giant crustaceans in bright orange armour. The town seems to exist only as a...
My South Korean Mouth

My South Korean Mouth

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is from our new contributor, Deva. Check out her profile at the bottom. Most days, I eat lunch with a group of Korean women. We don’t share a language but, like most Korean people, we share food. Having only lived in this country for six...

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