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ChubbO Chubbington (Writer) has lived in Korea for about 2 years. She has been gifted with the ability to eat spicy food and not complain about it or sweat while doing so. She also teaches English in between meals. Her main dietary considerations consist of texture, texture, taste, and texture. It’s gotta feel right between the tongue and the teeth. She leaves the cooking to her Korean husband and focuses mainly on consumption. She knows Krispy Kreme is not one of the main food groups, but hopes to rectify this injustice in the future. She is currently living in Wonju and writes at Wonju Wife when she’s not stuffing her face.

Here are my most recent posts

Cake in a Cup

Cake in a Cup

Maryjane, a locally owned little café on a side street in Wonju, looks innocent enough. It has a quaint, tiny terrace out front, glass doors that fold back to welcome spring breezes and summer sunshine, and a dreamy décor that makes having a nap after your coffee seem...

Magic Tea

Posted by ChubbO Chubbington I’m not usually a fan of hot tea. Even a year of consumption in England, in the home of the Devon Cream Tea could not fully convert me. (Although, I will eat anything if you put cream on it. Probably.) Because of my undying devotion to the...

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