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This journal relates our adventures in experiencing food in Korea, along with recipes for Korean food and tips for ex-pats living in Korea.


ZenKimchi was started in early 2004.  The Food Journal came about because Joe McPherson wrote so much about food in his diary blog that it was becoming a food blog.  At the time, there was only one English language food blog in Korea, the original Fatman Seoul, but Mr. Fatman stopped posting in 2005.  Joe picked up the slack by creating the ZenKimchi Korean Food Journal in October 2005. ZenKimchi is now Korea’s longest running food blog.

Other Korean food blogs have come along to join us, and it’s a great community.  ZenKimchi has been featured in The New York Times, Korean and international newspapers and magazines, all the major Korean TV stations, Lonely Planet, and the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.  ZenKimchi Korean Food Journal is the only Korean food site linked on Bon Appetit’s Epicurious blog. It was also voted one of the Top Ten Food Blogs of 2011 by the New York based food site Friends Eat. ZenKimchi currently holds a strong presence in social media with the highest number of Twitter followers of any Korean food Twitter account.

We now have over 200 recipes, a great collection of restaurant reviews, and an encyclopedia of information on Korean food.

Through this site, we have also met some awesome people.


We are not only bloggers. ZenKimchi International is a company registered in Seoul that specializes in Korean food PR. We accomplish that through the following.

  • Tours – We run popular food tours like The Ultimate Korean BBQ Experience and The Dark Side of Seoul Ghost Tour. Our tours are designed to give you a crash course in Korean culture while also having a seriously good time and meeting interesting people. Check out our tours page.
  • Events – We were one of the first people to open a pop-up restaurant in Korea (was featured in The Wall Street Journal Asia). Our subsidiary LinkedSeoul runs the popular monthly Wine Down Wednesday, along with Plan EL.
  • Consulting – Teaming up with Plan EL, we have experience consulting for some of Korea’s top restaurants and designing professional sleek websites.
  • Media Liaisons – When foreign media needs a guide, a fixer, or just some information, they contact us. We’ve helped with projects for The New York TimesThe Washington Post, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern (Travel Channel), Chef on the Road (National Geographic Channel), National Geographic TravelerConde Nast TravelerLonely Planet, Nightline (ABC), The Guardian, Kimchi Chronicles (PBS), SF WeeklyThe Wall Street JournalThe Los Angeles TimesTravel + Leisure Southeast Asia, and more.
  • Public Relations –  We are the largest Korean food presence on Twitter and one of the most popular Korean food Facebook pages. Our partnership with Plan EL makes us a formidable team for PR, covering the Korean food press (English and Korean language), proven success in social media, and hands-on experience inside both the media and hospitality industries.



Englishman Andrew Salmon is a Seoul-based journalist who covers the Koreas for Forbes, The South China Morning Post, The Times and The Washington Times. For ten years, he wrote restaurant reviews for local English language newspapers, and with his wife, food critic and restaurant consultant Kang Ji-young, co-authored the 2002 restaurant guide Seoul Food Finder. He is the author of American Business and the Korean Miracle: US Enterprises in Korea, 1866 – The Present (2003) and To The Last Round: The Epic British Stand on the Imjin River, Korea, 1951 (March, 2009)


ChubbO Chubbington (Writer) has lived in Korea for about 2 years. She has been gifted with the ability to eat spicy food and not complain about it or sweat while doing so. She also teaches English in between meals. Her main dietary considerations consist of texture, texture, taste, and texture. It’s gotta feel right between the tongue and the teeth. She leaves the cooking to her Korean husband and focuses mainly on consumption. She knows Krispy Kreme is not one of the main food groups, but hopes to rectify this injustice in the future. She is currently living in Wonju and writes at Wonju Wife when she’s not stuffing her face.


Deva has grown a new palate since leaving Africa. She is a journalist in teacher's clothing, and writes on food and culture when not planning her escape from the classroom. She is easily pleased by wine, women and song.


Grace Meng (Writer) is a nonprofit consultant and writer living in Brooklyn, NY. She was an immigration lawyer until a few years ago, when she ran away to Mexico to learn how to make mole negro and started blogging at One Fork, One Spoon. She is now writing a cookbook on Korean food with her good friend Diane Choo, which has given them the best excuse ever to take road trips around Korea eating all the way.


Jenna is a creative writer, teacher, and chewer of things. She's in her element slumming it with deep fried foods, but can flirt the shell off an escargot. You can follow her in real life, but she may punch you. You can follow her on twitter @Jenna_Collett


Bienvenue à la Table de Diogène.
Cuisiner la vie avec deux cultures différentes n'est pas facile mais aussi un privilège. Coréenne vivant en France, passionnée de la cuisine, j’aime partager ce privilège autour d’une table gourmande et conviviale.
Des recettes, des histoires de cultures alimentaires seront servis à la sauce de slow-food.
Bonne visite !

Welcome to the Table of Diogenes.
Cooking life with two different cultures is not easy but as a privilege. Korean living in France, passionate about cooking, I like sharing it around a delicious and friendly table.
Recipes, stories of food cultures are served with sauce of slow food.


안녕하세요! This is L. !. I’ve always had an interest in language, arts, culture and travelling. Korea has always been a very fascinating country to me – I love its food, language and well, everything about it! I blog for !


Shinshine (Editor, New York Bureau Chief) cooks French food in a restaurant kitchen full-time and Korean food in her tiny home kitchen on weekends. Her food adventure reflects her childhood from Korea, her daily life in Manhattahn, and her enthusiasm for endless possibilities of Korean food, which she shares with the readers of ZenKimchi Food Journal as well as her own blog With her understanding of Korean and American cultures, culinary trends and languages, she has also written about Korean food scenes in New York and food trends of Manhattan for Korean publications, and translated for the Korean food dictionary project.


Steve Ward (Videographer, Writer) has been living in Seoul for nearly five years now and has dabbled in many different hobbies and types of work in that time. He briefly became known as ‘SkinnySteve’ because of his mission to lose weight while working on the website SeoulSteves, but since SeoulSteves is now defunct, he’s now kinda-sorta skinny, and he’s really bad at making up nicknames for himself, he’s now ‘JustSteve.’ “Steve” also works just fine. SteveWard.TV is the homepage of his official online presence.


Stew is a Korean-American living and working in Seoul, Korea after having lived all his life in the US. He's passionate about all things food related and loves experimenting and trying out dishes in the kitchen when he has the opportunity. He has also started up a blog devoted to his gastronomical adventures which you can follow at

His dream one day is to host his own travel and cooking food show like the great Anthony Bourdain.


Taeyang is an entrepreneur who has owned and operated a small Asian fusion restaurant with a sushi/sake bar. He loves to marry flavors and textures from various parts of the world and tries to make them his own. He also founded, and you can find him roaming around the San Francisco Bay Area or Southern California.


Joe McPherson founded ZenKimchi in 2004. He has been featured and sourced in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, CNN, KBS, MBC, SBS, Le Figaro, Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia, Harper’s Bazaar Korea, The Chosun Weekly, and other Korean and international media. He has consulted for "Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain," The Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern,” Lonely Planet, National Geographic, Conde Nast Traveler, the PBS documentary series “Kimchi Chronicles,” and other projects in the UK, Canada, and Australia featuring celebrity chefs such as Gizzi Erskine and Gary Mehigan.

Mr. McPherson has written for multiple Korean and international publications, including SEOUL Magazine, JoongAng Daily, The Korea Herald, Newsweek Korea and wrote the feature article for U.S. National publication Plate magazine’s all-Korean food issue. He has acted as dining editor for 10 Magazine and was on the judging panel for Korea for the Miele Guide.

He spoke at TEDx Seoul on Korean food globalization, at TED Worldwide Talent Search on the rise of Korean cuisine, and in New York City on Korean Buddhist temple cuisine. The company ZenKimchi International organizes food tours for tourists and corporations and acts as a media liaison for foreign and Korean media and local restaurants and producers.


We love hearing from readers, especially the ones who think the journal is the wittiest, most informative site on the Internets.

NOTE: Joe is available for Korean media interviews and projects if:

  • It is about food and professional life, not personal life.
  • ZenKimchi does not need to recruit people to appear.
  • ZenKimchi does not need to find locations for shooting.
  • An English speaker/interpreter is provided.

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