• http://zenkimchi.com/ ZenKimchi

    Re: The Colonel

    KFC in Korea has biscuits, but they’re getting smaller, drier, and a bit rubbery. I now make my own, since I have an oven. They do have a killer corn salad.

    Thanks for the Fatman Seoul link. I shoulda checked there first.

  • mark

    I’ve only had a chance to try Two Fried, but I’ll be sure to check out the other KFC as well. Thanks for the report.

    What kind of sides do they serve at KFC (the Colnel KFC)?

  • mark

    Fatman Seoul had a story on BBQ from 2004.. you were pretty close, they marinate the chicken in milk calcium.


  • Gdog

    Excellent post, Joe. Glad you put those pictures to good use. I love TwoTwo and I will swear by their chicken. There is a BBQ by my place but I’ve yet to try it. I can’t wait!

  • http://zenkimchi.com/ ZenKimchi

    Do you think I’ll get some free chicken? I know, I’m not Amateur Gourmet getting free truffle dinners…

    Knowing my luck, Immigration will be giving me a call about doing activities “separate” from my visa.

  • http://zenkimchi.com/ ZenKimchi

    I know, and I was joking too.

    Thank you!

  • http://zenkimchi.com/ ZenKimchi

    진짜? 교촌 잠바라야 소스 있어요? Sounds crazy but sounds good.

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic post! Joe

  • epron

    Good post!
    Your exact cateorization is very impressive. ^^
    I think Kyochon’s walnut flavored fried chicken with jambalaya sauce is not bad. (I’m not sure whether it is genuine jambalaya because I’ve never had before.)

    Ah, your blog would be expected to “explode”!. Today, Korean major portal sites cited your blog and NYT articles on Korean style fried chicken.

    You may be appointed as a chicken ambassader!!

  • epron

    It was just a joke.
    I apologize to sounds like that.
    But I’d like you to know that Koreans often call one, who is favorable to their specific field of culture, as an “ambassador.” (“ooo 친선대사”, “ooo chinseon-daesa”. It never contains sarcasm. If it sounds so, it’s my fault to choose the word. But,ask your korean friend what this means.)
    I like to make it clear that I didn’t think you of a free coupon seeker or amateur gourmet.

    As I mentioned, in the point of view as a Korean and chicken mania, your categorization is impeccable.

  • epron

    yes! walnut fried chicken is served with the sauce. Enjoy it!

    예 ‘호두후라이드 치킨’시키면 같이 준답니다 즐감! ^^.

  • The Goat

    I am personally an addict to the Kyochon hot…that is some tasty chicken!

    I usually have it at home with rice and a salad (my wife thinks I am crazy).

    Nice write up.

  • http://zenkimchi.com/ ZenKimchi

    I think all of them would work pretty well. Kyochon, which according to the NYT article seems to be the prevalent style there, may reheat well.

    Personally, like Alton Brown, I’m a fan of cold fried chicken too.

  • Anonymous

    Which brand/ style / recipe would you recommend for takeout, with re-heating an hour or two later?

    Thank you in advance / hamsa hamnedah (sp?)

    – NYC Admirer of Koreans

  • http://zenkimchi.com/ ZenKimchi

    Donky Chicken <– yep, that’s how they spell it), is everywhere. I haven’t eaten at one yet, but I used to pass by one every day and could smell it. My guess is that they’re Two-Two style.

  • kim

    Just stumbled across this post! Last time I was in Pusan (summer ’93ish), we picked up a lot of “Donkey Chicken” (I kid you not, it was a local restaurant that served chicken in yellow take-out boxes, I think?). Anyway, is that a big chain, and would you happen to know what style it was? It’s a long shot but my husband doesn’t believe that the place exists (or at least with that name!).

    Love the site – very inspiring and hunger-inducing!

  • D. Kim

    A very impressive info for chicken lovers, thanks.
    By the way, has anyone heard about BonChon Chicken?
    I know there already are a few open in tri-state area.
    I am wondering how it compares to the other big three you mentioned.

  • feoni

    hello. i would like to try and cook kyochon-style/tasting chicken for my party. i wonder if you guys know how to cook it (recipe) or at least something close to it. Thanks a bunch!

  • http://zenkimchi.com/ ZenKimchi

    The actual technique I still don’t know. My guess with Kyochon style would be to make a batter with flour, a little baking powder, garlic powder, a little sugar, black pepper, and the liquid of your choice (my choice would be beer).

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  • Sifiso

    I am in South Africa and want to know about franchise opportunities?

    Sifiso Sabelo

  • jason


  • Lishall Lee

    I am in Malaysia and want to know about franchise opportunities?

  • http://www.homecookingdiary.com Korean cooking

    There should be more of these franchises in America. This beats American hot wings in my opinion. Two thumbs up!

  • eileen

    did not find a recipe–for korean chicken

  • http://www.asiamotions.com Jang-Geum

    dear friends ;

    can anyone write the recipie of this Korean food . Thanks . :)

  • http://zenkimchi.com/ ZenKimchi

    I’ve seen one restaurant make it on TV. There aren’t recipes floating around in cookbooks, like there aren’t KFC recipes on American index cards.

    But it’s on my agenda to use a weekend to figure out the recipe and technique.

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  • Fried Chicken Lover


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