Korea blogger Fencerider has some choice words about how Korean cuisine can compete in the world:

  1. Open up a National Culinary Institute and make the faculty come from some of the best known restaurants from all over Korea. Have the courses all taught in English (yes, I see the problem here but keep reading anyway)
  2. Bring over some willing participants from all over the world (and those with English ability from within Korea) to engage in some serious study on the subject. Scholarship potential chefs from all over the world to come and study so they can bring “˜real’ Korean cuisine to the rest of the world.
  3. Create an award system for some of the most common Korean seasonings and allow outstanding companies to have “˜excellence branding’ in much the same way that Thai Government has done by labeling certain products with awards for excellence.
  4. Create a government fund that will subsidize the creation of “˜real’ Korean restaurants and restaurant chains around the world. Offer this funding ONLY to those who have graduated with honors from the National Culinary Institute.
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