What: Seminar on wild fermentation in Korean food

Who: New York based conceptual artist Elaine Tin Nyo, along with Korean experts and translators. Anyang chef, Jeong Hyo Jin will provide examples of kimchi, jeotgal and makgeolli for the panel to begin the discussion. Also on the panel are Korean food professional Kim Soo Jin; Korean alcohol authority Park Rock Dam; Sin Soo Ji, curator of Kimchi Field Museum; biologist, I Chang Hong; and and food-trend expert Kang Tae An.

When: Saturday, October 25th @ 3 p.m.

Where: Seoksu Artist Project in north Anyang. Go to Seoksu Market (Seoksu Sijang 석수 시잫) and follow the banners to the SAP Studios.

Why: Oh, come on! How many art projects do we see on Korean food? Besides, I’ll be there (Fatman and ZenKimchi have been, um, consultants in some respect). If that’s not good enough, then how about this?

Cost: Free

A little more background on this…

For the past three months, the Seoksu Art Project has been sponsoring Korean and international artists in a residency program. This week has been the culmination of their work. We hung out at the open studios this past Sunday, and it was freaky, weird, sublime and awesome. The open studio festival goes on one more time this weekend (October 24th-26th). Leave a message in the comments if you are still unsure of the directions, and I’ll hook you up.

In the meantime, you can contribute to Ms. Tin Nyo’s project by identifying some of the ingredients on her project web site, Touch and Taste.

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