It’s time for ZenKimchi’s March Madness, sponsored by hi EXPAT!

Korean foods from different regions compete for fame and glory on the international stage. Which cuisine will reign supreme?

Here’s how it works.

It all starts at midnight Seoul Time on March 14th. Every day pairs of foods from the regions of Seoul-Gyeonggi, Northern, Southern and Central will vie for your votes. Each region has sixteen foods. The winners of each region will square off in the semi-finals and finals. By the end of March, we will award a lucky Korean food the title of 2010 World Champion.

Disclaimers and technical stuff

We have tried hard to place foods in the regions where they originated or have a popular version. Some things did need to get fudged and wedged in certain regions to balance it out. The regions themselves are a bit blurry. Northern includes any land from Kaesong north. Seoul-Gyeonggi is the capital plus the surrounding doughnut province, including Incheon. Central includes Gangwon-do to the north and cities such as Andong, Chuncheon and Daegu. Southern is mainly Busan and Jeolla-do. I also don’t always follow the government’s standard for romanization because it doesn’t always make phonetic sense (how does hoe sound like “hway?”).

We also have a few wildcard spots. In the comments, lobby for your favorite Korean dish, and if the demand is strong for a food not already in the brackets or one that lost early but is popular, we’ll place it in the wildcard position. Note that we won’t feature beverages in these playoffs. That may call for another round.

Now, stomachs get ready to RUMBLE!!

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