February 24th. 2 PM.

I know, I know… it’s tacky.

Seriously, I was originally planning to go to a Balinese restaurant where they sold durian milkshakes. Yet I only know of two people who would actually enjoy that, myself would be one of them.

Considering the good time we had at the first Hooters in Korea last month, I thought it would be a good place for a little birthday get together and get the ZenKimchi 식 Ruffians back and rolling.

I am well aware of the reputation Hooters has back in the States. Yet like most things from home, they are different over here. I never went to McDonald’s in America.

Well, I don’t really go to McDonald’s in Korea, but really…

The buzz has been good about this Hooters in that it ironically is introducing a good relaxed party atmosphere in Korea with good service that is sorely lacking. There are many TGIs and Outbacks, but their service frankly sucks.


This is the first U.S. imported restaurant franchise, in my opinion, that actually gets it. Besides, when Eun Jeong saw the pics of our trip there, she said she wanted to go. If it gets Eun Jeong’s stamp of approval, we’re going.

Still not convinced?

Listen to the Scribblings of the Metropolitician podcast on the topic, and come back here.

If you live in the Seoul area, sign up to join the ZenKimchi 식 Ruffians on the right column. I hope to do more events in the near future like a shellfish roast and a street food night. I also am open to suggestions for places to go and events. It would really be great if more Koreans could join us or even introduce us to new exciting things.

Email me.

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