The Transformers movie premieres in Korea before anywhere else. I won’t be available June 28th, but I will be on June 30th, as I’m sure most others will be.

Mike, the Metropolitician, and I are thinking of having a get together for food and a showing of the movie at the hyper tech Yongsan digital movie complex on June 30th, say starting around 7-ish. Well, really, we’re planning to see the movie between 9 and 10, but we’re eating dinner first. We’re looking at a restaurant that has some good food with good variety.

If you’d like to join, say something in the comments section or email me with your contact info. We’re going to buy the tickets ahead of time and would like to get a general head count. We are pre-buying the tickets, so if you can’t show up or contact us thirty minutes before showtime, we’ll have to return them for a refund.

Like all ZenKimchi functions, there’s no formal pay scheme. You just pay for what you eat and what you do and any legal fees that spring from it.

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