Remember that the Rice Cake Festival is coming up this weekend in Seoul.  Daniel Gray of Seoul Eats (and recently of “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern”)  is one of the organizers.  One of the special guests will be Chef Rachel Yang from Joule in Seattle.  Daniel gives us more info:

The special guest for the event is Chef Rachel Yang. Her Seattle restaurant Joule was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal. Her restaurant Joule has won awards and accolades from many publications in Seattle including the Seattle Times, Seattle Post and the Seattle Magazine. Chef Rachel Yang was also a semi-finalist for the 2009 James Beard award. Her dish, Dorade with Almond Piccata, was picked by Food and Wine as one of the best dishes of 2008.

This graduate of Brown University has worked at the prestigious Alain Ducasse restaurant in New York and she has also had the good fortune to work with Chefs Daniel Boulud and Thomas Keller. This French-trained chef will be giving cooking demonstrations of her Korean inspired dishes on both days of the fair.

Date and Place

Date : May 8th (Fri) ~ May 9th (Sat)

Place : aT Center, 2nd Exhibition Hall

Organizers : Institute of Traditional Korean Food

Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade Corporation

Sponsors : Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Seoul Metropolitan Government, GyeongGi-Do, Rural Development Administration, Korea Tourism Organization, National Agricultural Cooperative Federation

Main Events (May 8th, Friday)

  1. 10 AM – Korean Rice Cake ‘Tteok’ Competition
    Presentation of the 40 finalists’ dishes
  1. 11 AM – Event on the Main Stage “Korean Rice Cake to the World!”
  2. 3 PM – The First International Rice Cake Competition

Contents of the Fair

1. Korean Rice Cake ‘Tteok’ Competition

Categories : Individual (May 8th) – Students, Amateurs, Professionals, International

Team (May 9th) – Family Team, Children Team, Friends Team

Awards & Prizes : Grand Prize 2,000,000, second place 1,000,000,

third place 500,000, fourth place 300,000

Special Feature : The First International Rice Cake Competition (May 8th, 15:00-16:00)

2. Exhibitions : May 8th (Fri) ~ May 9th (Sat), The 2nd Exhibition Hall

Participating companies : 60 trading companies will be present and display more than 200 different kinds of rice cakes.

‘Starting Tteok Business’ : tteok machinery companies, antique equipment companies, tteok related ingredient companies, packaging companies, and many more will be present for future business owners.

Business consulting services: consultations on rice cake machines, equipment, facilities, business strategies, etc.

Tteok Museum : exhibition of tteok related relics and historical artifacts

3. Exhibition of World’s Rice Cakes

Korean Tteok Exhibition Hall : Korean specialty tteok, rice cakes in royal cuisine, the kings’ rice cakes, tteokboki, and the story behind the filming of SBS-TV’s “Golden Bride”

World’s Rice Cake Exhibition Hall: Rice cakes of Japan, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Central Asia, etc.

Exhibition of previous competition winners’ dishes

4. Special Events

Experience making rice cakes : Pressed flower rice cakes

Free Classes on making rice cakes for international visitors and residents

Carnations for elders on the Parents’ Day (May 8th)

Free tasting of rice cakes from the 8 provinces in Korea

5. Programs on the stage

Globalization of Korean Cuisine : Korean Rice Cakes to the World!

Korean rice cakes and rice wines!

Tteok captures the world’s taste!

Quiz time : history and everything about Korean tteok

Grandmother’s rice cake tales

Eating tteok on the wedding day!

6. Other guests at the fair

Diplomats from embassies in Korea

Host of the cooking show Su-Hong Park

Actress Mi-Kyung Yang from “Dae-jang-kuem”

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