I have a feeling this won’t be the last post I’ll do about Korean World Cup food promotions. This ended up in my mailbox, and I found it amusing–actually looked pretty tasty if I was a guest. And no, I don’t receive anything to write about these, though I wouldn’t refuse the possibility of compensation (is that hint subtle enough).

The Park Hyatt Seoul is offering World Cub Boxes during the World Cup as room service specials to their guests. Room service only. You can’t just walk in and pick one up. Each box comes with two bottles of Heineken and balloon sticks–the sausage-shaped inflatable bags that make noise when you clap them.

Above is the South American box, which has Beef Empanada and Galeto Passarinho. My quick googling suggests that the latter is a chicken dish named for a soccer player. The chips look enticing, and do I see wasabi mayonnaise? That’s my new crack these days.

The South African box includes Curried Beef Bread Buns and Lamb Sosaties. Again, the chips look like the stars.

Ooh, check out the European box. It’s like a stroll through Itaewon! We have fish and chips, some cheese and cold cuts, some tomato bruschetta and what looks like a mini antipasti dish.

Finally we have the Asian box with Pork Belly Rolled in Marinated Daikon and Chicken Satay, along with some tempura and what looks like rice chips.

So if you find yourself at the Park Hyatt Seoul on business for the next month, you have some interesting options. Gimme a call if you need some help with that second beer.

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