86’ed: Churrasco — Brazilian in Little Ole Anyang

UPDATE: Out of business A year ago Colin introduced me to this place, but I couldn't figure out how to get back to it. I have been here a few times -- always in spring. Anyway, this is a great find. A Brazilian place in Anyang, just west of downtown. The best...

86’ed: Sh-wing!

Sh-wing is a small restaurant in Apgujeong that serves American-style buffalo wings. It is one of our favorite spots. Because it's far away from most of us, we tend to go only once every one or two months. We usually go during their all-you-can-eat wings time slot....

86’ed: Indio–How to Begin a Friday Night

Our friend Injoo is great at finding deals. One night he said, "Let's go to Indio. Three dishes for just 11,000 won." I was suspicious, but it turned out to be great. Since then, I've been introducing more and more people to this place. It's the perfect place to kick...

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