We all know Craftworks. But have you been to the Euljiro location in north Seoul? It’s in the basement of the Pine Avenue Building outside Euljiro 3-ga Station, exit  12 (map at the bottom of the post).

I was invited by them to check out this new menu that only this location is experimenting with. They also had the Pumpkin Spice IPA available, so I indulged myself with that as well.


Having worked in a brewpub before, the secret to success, other than good beer, is to have food that matches the beer. It shouldn’t be too pretentious. It should honestly have a certain level of grease and salt to satisfy but not so much as to overwhelm. It encourages drinking and delays the absorption of alcohol, meaning that patrons will drink longer. And it has to be good. (DUH!)


Hashtag Heaven Fries

I haven’t seen many waffle fries in Korea. Loving these! Crispy by a factor of five and loaded with cheddar cheese, real bacon, green onions, and served with sides of sour cream and ketchup. Make sure to order extra sour cream ahead of time. It’s basically a loaded baked potato in crispy waffle fry form.


Chipotle Buffalo Wings

I meant to add chipotle as one of the trendy flavors of 2015. The chipotle wings are spicy but not too much so. Like the fries, they’re perfectly crispy. Not loaded down with sauce, but they have a strongly noticeable smokey chipotle kick. Served with ranch and veggies.


California Fresh Burger

Craftworks has changed the buns on their burgers, going from bread that’s more appropriate for a sub sandwich to a proper burger bun with a bottom that can handle a load. And loaded this burger is! Sweet peppers, gooey egg, avocado, and tomato onion chutney. Served with salad and slaw. The burger was a bit unwieldy for me. It fell apart as I ate it. I think it needed more of that tangy chutney, but it definitely had a California feel to it.


Craftworks Baby Back Ribs

These ribs may or may not be on the menu in the future. They’re fine ribs. They’re not smoked. But they’re tender, and I like the sauce. They’re better than the ribs served in other pubs that aren’t barbecue restaurants. But they weren’t my favorite item. Maybe I’m being a barbecue snob. Ha, ha!

In the end, by far my favorite thing was the fries, followed by the wings. Maybe I was hungrier when I ate those, but no. I truly want to try them again.

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DISCLAIMER: I received free food and beer and no other compensation. My opinions on the food were not influenced by the transaction.


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