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  • Jolehwan Hillcott

    Gawd that “cicerone” described his certification as a Ph.D in beer. Really!?!? Last time I checked a Ph.D involved years of research, generally a hypothesis, a dissertation and a lot of time hitting the books. All respect given to the time and effort to complete any type of certification. Just be honest about it. It seems like a disservice to all of the homebrewers that have been building the scene in Korea for years. Presuming, because of this “certification”, that he is somehow superior in beer selection than people who have been making beers here for years is just wrong. The idea and decor of Reilly’s is totally a rip off of places like “Ginger Man” in Austin and NYC. Imitation is fine but I’ve heard this blow hard “cicerone” actually state that this “taphouse” style place was his original idea. What a joke. I’m all for expanding the selection of beer in the country. Just find a way to remove this guy from the head of the movement.

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