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Promoting Korean Food, Chapter 5: Taste vs. Well-being

Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean people will buy it. It’s gotta taste good too.

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10 Best Korean Chicken Joints

My rule of thumb is this. To tell a good chicken place, look at the people inside. If it’s full of beautiful young women taking selfies, likely isn’t good chicken. If it’s full of middle-aged men who look like life has kicked them in the teeth–GREAT CHICKEN!

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Impeachment, Robert Kelly, and Whoa F*&% Korea!

I arrived in Korea in 2004. I already had an interest in the country because of a couple courses in Korean history I took. The plan was to stay a year, but when that first year was up, I looked at all the change happening around me. This was a part of the world where...
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What Is Korean Buddhist Temple Cuisine?

A quick rundown of temple cuisine and eating meditation

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Happy New Year! Saehae bok manhi badeuseyo! 새해복많이받으세요 ^^

Happy YEAR OF THE ROOSTER from the ZenKimchi household. We're heading out to the in-laws in Gyeongju this weekend. Yea! Traffic! So there will be no food tours this weekend. Besides, from experience, most of the restaurants are closed anyway. BUT... We will run a...
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Korean Food 101


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Salat hat roh Goldbrasse Koreanisch-Soße

Es ist schon eine Weile entdeckte Westen setzen roher Fisch. Seither haben wir so viele Sushi-Restaurants und dieses Angebot alle ziemlich genau die gleichen Dinge gesehen. Ist nicht das jetzt, es Zeit ist zu ändern und das Vergnügen, diese Zutaten variieren? Das...

Recipe: Kale Kimchi

Recently, I joined a CSA (community-supported agriculture) farm affiliated with our local community college. Our CSA promises, "a share of whatever is ripe and ready to eat." That share recently included a small bunch of kale. Hubby is not a fan of kale, and I have...

Recipe: One Pot Soybean Sprout Rice

In addition to oodles of cold noodles in this sweltering heat, another life saver for meals at home has been one pot cooking dishes which also don't (or minimally) use open-flame gas ranges. Soybean Sprout Rice (Kongnamul Bap 콩나물밥) was one of my favorite simple dishes...

[Francais] Rosbif & Kimchi de concombre à la coriandre

Est un ensemble qui va bien avec l'été, léger, simple et élégant. On savoure le contraste entre le croquant du concombre et la tendresse juteuse de la chair, la verdure fraiche et la rose nue. De petits piques espiègles de piment rouge dans le baume douillet de...

Sunday Pork Roast Bossam

I'd been craving an old-fashioned Sunday Roast. I didn't care what meat. EJ saw that some giant cuts of pork were on sale. She bought two for W10,000. She said, though, that she wanted Bossam. I figured we could compromise. If David Chang can do a roast for Bossam, so...

8 Great Korean Restaurant Franchises (and bad ones)

There's something I'd say for Korea that I wouldn't say for America--there are some freakin' good restaurant franchises that I'd recommend even over independent restaurants. Their quality is consistently good. These would also be great brands to export. I'm leaving...

Why Naver is the Worst Food Blogging Platform

Outside of Korea, you may not have heard of Naver. Inside Korea, it dominates the internet. Seventy percent of it. It's like Google--but evil. A recent article came out on how Naver's business model is not to acquire innovative start-ups but to blatantly copy their...

Game of Thrones Pop-up Restaurant

We did it! The Game of Thrones Pop-up Restaurant happened last night at Magpie Brewing Company, and it was a success. Thanks all of you who turned out for the event. As you saw, I was extremely busy the entire time either cooking or cleaning. Wish I had more time. But...


Another Copycat, This Time in L.A.

Soon after Vatos Urban Tacos opened and became a hit, people from rival restaurants showed up, vigorously taking pictures of each detail for "research" and "benchmarking," business Konglish for "straight up ripping off and copying." A few months later, dishes that...

Groovy Find: Spicy Lamb Bulgogi at Home Plus

Yes! I found this at Home Plus.  Even though I found proof somewhere that Koreans used to eat lamb, it's not common today. Lamb can be found only in foreign supermarkets. Until recently. I saw this at Home Plus. Mr. Beaks Premium Chili Paste Lamb Bulgogi. Out of the...

New Menu at Craftworks Euljiro

We all know Craftworks. But have you been to the Euljiro location in north Seoul? It's in the basement of the Pine Avenue Building outside Euljiro 3-ga Station, exit  12 (map at the bottom of the post). I was invited by them to check out this new menu that only this...

New Gig: Arirang’s “Korea Today”

Starting a few weeks ago, I took over the "Korea Eats" segment on Arirang's morning show, "Korea Today." It's my first regular live TV gig. In the '90s, I was used to being the person being behind the camera, working at a news station as a director, cameraman,...

Mi Casa 미카사

Location: Itaewon Cuisine: Spanish Reservations: Taken Suggested Items: Anything with jamon, the cool wine pouring system No, not at my house... I was invited to a press dinner a few weeks ago at Mi Casa, the Spanish restaurant in Itaewon, caddy corner from Three...

Three kinds of bulgogi

Over at Sorae Bulgogi in Soraemaul we tried three types of VERY traditional bulgogi. The Eonyang Bulgogi comes from the southeast near Ulsan. It's thin slices of been mixed with garlic and sesame oil and pounded like hell. It's squeezed and massaged and eventually...

Linus’ Bama Style BBQ 라이너스 바베큐

Location: Itaewon Cuisine: American BBQ Reservations: Taken Suggested Items: Pork, Brisket, Ribs, Fried Mac & Cheese Balls, Skinny Fries... EVERYTHING Birmingham, Alabama, native Linus Kim started making his mark in Seoul by holding BBQ pop-up restaurants for a...

Second Kitchen

Location: Hannam-dong Cuisine: American Reservations: Yes Suggested Items: Burger, Shrimp Polenta, Cocktails Tucked away new UN Village, Second Kitchen is casual fine dining with Italian and New American styles. They're famous for their burger, but the surprising...

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