In 2018, The Koreans Eating Dog Meat Meme is Racist

This is long past due.I'm getting so tired of ignorant people associating modern Korea with eating dog meat. Or even worse, portraying the entire country as dog eaters.

What is there to eat in Myeong-dong?

People come to Seoul, and they usually end up in Myeong-dong. All that shopping makes one hungry. The trouble is that a lot of the good restaurants in Myeong-dong are gone. It's a lot like Times Square in New York. Bland overpriced disappointments catering to the...

Our PyeongChang 2018 Experience

I wouldn't have done this if not for my daughter, Jian. After all this time, the PyeongChang Olympics finally started. They had twice attempted to get the Olympics and got it on the third try. I actually hosted a video in 2011 that was supposedly shown to the IOC to...

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Korean Food 101

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