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Why I Don’t Buy Dongwon Tuna (and Starkist) , And Why You Shouldn’t Either

Greenpeace listed its ranking on cans of tuna. A Dongwon tuna brand was listed as “the worst.”

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Promoting Korean Food, Chapter 5: Taste vs. Well-being

Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean people will buy it. It’s gotta taste good too.

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10 Best Korean Chicken Joints

My rule of thumb is this. To tell a good chicken place, look at the people inside. If it’s full of beautiful young women taking selfies, likely isn’t good chicken. If it’s full of middle-aged men who look like life has kicked them in the teeth–GREAT CHICKEN!

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Impeachment, Robert Kelly, and Whoa F*&% Korea!

I arrived in Korea in 2004. I already had an interest in the country because of a couple courses in Korean history I took. The plan was to stay a year, but when that first year was up, I looked at all the change happening around me. This was a part of the world where...
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What Is Korean Buddhist Temple Cuisine?

A quick rundown of temple cuisine and eating meditation

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Korean Food 101


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Promoting Korean Food, Intro: I’m Your Market

A few years ago I was asked to write a small book on promoting Korean food. I finished the manuscript, but it never got published. The publisher ended up going out of business. Here is the old manuscript for your enjoyment, posted in segments. Keep in mind that...

Three kinds of bulgogi

Over at Sorae Bulgogi in Soraemaul we tried three types of VERY traditional bulgogi. The Eonyang Bulgogi comes from the southeast near Ulsan. It's thin slices of been mixed with garlic and sesame oil and pounded like hell. It's squeezed and massaged and eventually...

Paris Baguette and the Soft Bigotry of Exoticism

You may have heard the news. Korean bakery Paris Baguette has opened in Paris. This was quite the ballsy move. Immediately those who know Paris Baguette inside its home territory predicted its inevitable doom. Yet I'm going to go against the odds and predict that it...

What if U.S. Cities were in South Korea?

On a whim, I broke out ye olde Wikipedia and took down the population numbers for U.S. and South Korean cities. I matched them as closely as I could and plotted them out on a map. This is the result. I don't know if it means anything to anyone, but it was a fun little...

The Donkaseu of Depression

I don't have a pic of this. Didn't expect it to be picture worthy. I thought I'd try this place near my office in Insa-dong advertising "Wang Donkaseu," which is a king-sized pork cutlet. It had been on my list of things to try for lunch. The first sign of bad things...

12 Myths About Korean Food

As Korean food has gotten more popular, I read articles and recipes from international and even Korean outlets that perpetuate myths that need to be punched out of existence. Here are a few.

Recipe: Beef Soondubu Jjigae (순두부 찌개)

I've been fortunate enough that this current winter has thankfully been the mildest I've had in Korea yet. But we're still talking negative double digit temps here on some nights so it's no surprise I've been craving a lot of hearty and warm dishes for dinner lately....

Salade a la dorade crue sauce coreenne

Cela fait un moment que l'Occident a découvert les mets de poisson cru. Depuis, nous avons vu tant de restaurants de sushi et cela proposant tous à peu près les mêmes choses. N'est-ce pas maintenant qu'il est temps de changer et varier le plaisir de cet ingrédients ?...


NEW “Gangnam Style” Menu at Park Hyatt Seoul

I was invited by the Park Hyatt Seoul to try their new "Gangnam Style" menu. Longtime readers will remember how jaded I've become to Korean fine dining. It all tends to be about presentation while flavor takes a bland backseat. I'm happy to say that things are...

CIA Greystone hosts Korean cuisine contest

The Korean government doesn't want Korean cuisine to be Los Angeles' best kept secret, so the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) Greystone, based in St. Helena, Calif., in cooperation with the Korea Agro-Fisheries and Food Trade Corporation (also called aT for...

THIS WEEK: Gary Mehigan Tastes Korea

Australian TV will broadcast "Far Flung with Gary Mehigan" this week, where he will visit South Korea. I got to spend an evening and morning with Chef Mehigan in Jeonju, as we discussed bibimbap. For those who were following back then, this was while I was also...

Bruno MERS

Today I don't feel like doing anything I just wanna lay in my bed Don't feel like picking up my phone So leave a message at the tone 'Cause today I swear I'm not doing...

General Banjum 제네럴반점

Location: COEX Cuisine: Korean-Chinese Reservations: Not necessary Suggested Items: I had tried General Banjum in its earlier incarnation in Gangnam. It's Korean-Chinese but notched up quite a bit. As usual per greedy Gangnam landlords, they increased the rent so much...

John Kerry at Vatos

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and staff stopped by Vatos Urban Tacos today. Took a selfie with the owners. That's all. (from...

Where is there Teppanyaki in Seoul?

JW Marriott, near Express Bus Terminal, has been giving a teppanyaki makeover to its Japanese restaurant Mikado. For the month of May, guest chef Cyrus Mann A. Platon, a teppanyaki master from Benihana at Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort & Spa in Australia, will...

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