• http://www.seouleats.com/ Dan Gray

    I am going to agree with Matt on this topic, he said, “Cheese in Asia is a lie.”

    By that logic, the prices of cheese are being artificially inflated on something that doesn’t exist. No one in Asia knows what real cheese is- Velveeta is a delicacy here. I’m going to melt some plastic on pizza and sell it at a discount. It’ll have the same cheesy sensation.

  • Marie Frenette

    While it’s true that the cheese market isn’t very developed in Asia, it’s untrue that there is
    only “plastic” cheese (in Korea). I can buy a variety of cheese at the grocery store here in
    Jeju. I expect bigger cities would have a bigger selection.

    I really wish people would hesitate to make broad statements about an entire continent. It’s
    a bit boring.

  • EFL Geek

    Here is a direct link to your article

    and this is how you get a direct link from the KH.

  • http://zenkimchi.com/ ZenKimchi

    Keep in mind that there is an actual cheese-producing region in Korea, Imsil–one of the only cheese regions in east Asia.

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