Trying something new here. We’re starting a bit of a food group called ZenKimchi 식 Ruffians. It’s a play on the work “sik” in Korean, which means “cuisine” but also sounds like “chic” or “sick.” “Ruffians” is the term used for fans of Anthony Bourdain and his eat-life-to-the-fullest philosophy.

If you live in Seoul or will be in Seoul at some time, please sign up for this group. It’s safe. Your information will not be shared with evil spammers. What I do is just insert your information into the ZenKimchi eVite account. When an event is coming, you’ll receive an eVite. From there, you can RSVP and get details on when and where things will take place.

There’s no club fee or anything like that. We just get together and split the bill.

Our initial event will be a small get together at Sh-wing for some chicken wings and beer. Our first big event will be Dog Day. Our friend Young Joon is an expert on dog meat (I call it “dork,” like pork but with dog). He will set us up with a good dog restaurant with some famous Bosintang (dog soup) and steamed dog meat. It’s the same stuff pictured on the top banner of the web site. Tentatively, it will be the first Saturday in August, which coincides with many English teachers’ vacations. Don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. But it will be a hot, hot day.

A good day for some dork soup.

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