Michael Ruhlman started his blog a few months ago. He’s a notorious partner in crime with Anthony Bourdain. This year, he has let Bourdain guest blog twice, once on season two of Bravo’s Top Chef and then on the hell that is Food Network. The second one really caused some heated chatter.

Ruhlman’s now handed Tony the keys to his blog. This means that Tony can post on Ruhlman’s blog whenever he wants now. And he started right off by getting in the middle of the battle between Frank Bruni (New York Times food critic) and Jeffrey Chodorow (Restaurateur who brought such “classics” as Rocco’s and a restaurant called Caviar and Banana).

It seems that after giving Chodorow’s latest steakhouse zero stars, Bruni then gave a decent review to a steakhouse in the Penthouse Executive Club. Says Tony:

Maybe I’m being cynical here but the Message seems to be: “Even a freakin’ strip club–where you get lap dances offered between courses is better than your soulless, overpriced meat-emporium. I’d rather spend time in a hot tub with Bob Guiccione than you!”

I love it when Tony writes.

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