Gdog at The Daily Kimchi brought up something that I had been meaning to do for a while.

Where can you find certain items?

Eventually, I’d like to make a rolling database to help people find products in Korea. In the meantime, let’s do this.


I’ll start a thread on a certain item, and if you know where to find it, tell how in the Comments section. This way, if someone needs to find something, she could just look in the (very well programmed and organized) Archives section to find information.

Please use the following format, filling in as much information as you know:
City>>Subway Line>>Subway Station>>Place

For example, here are some places I know where to find tortillas, other than making your own:

Seoul>>Line 3>>Yangjae>>Costco

Seoul>>Line 6>>Itaewon>>International Grocery Store (Near the mosque, next to What The Book)

Seoul>>Line 6>>Hangangjin>>Hannam Market (Exit 2, over the pedestrian walkway, right at the end of the walkway and down the mountain, on the left down a flight of stairs)

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