I just received the new edition for The Miele Guide, and it’s much improved from last year.  It’s thicker.  Korea just gets six pages and it’s still Singapore heavy (that’s where it’s published), but that’s a big improvement over last year’s two pages, and this year it’s not all restaurants in the same hotel.  In fact, some of ZenKimchi’s faves, like Star Chef’s Hu-nam Kim, The W Kitchen’s Ciaran Hickey, and Chef Meili’s Christian Meilinger are mentioned.  Chef Meili even received some award, and I don’t think it’s because of similarities in names.  For full disclosure, I was one of the three judges for Korea, but still–this is the first year some of my suggestions made the book.  I suggest checking the book out for yourself, especially if you’re traveling in Asia and have a fine dining budget.

For the curious, here are the Korean restaurants with hotels or neighborhoods and some of the chefs featured this year:

  • Chef Meili (Christian Meilinger, Itaewon)
  • Toh Lim (Lotte Hotel)
  • Cornerstone Restaurant and Bar (Park Hyatt Seoul)
  • Kitchen (Ciaran Hickey, W Seoul Walkerhill)
  • Star Chef (Hu-nam Kim, Dogok-dong)
  • Table 34 (Grand Intercontinental Seoul)
  • Continental (The Shilla)
  • Paris Grill (Grand Hyatt Seoul)
  • Pierre Gagnaire a Seoul (Lotte Hotel)
  • Ninth Gate Grille (Lee Min, Westin Chosun Seoul)
  • Seasons (Park Hyo-nam, Millennium Seoul Hilton)
  • Anna Bini Trattoria (Gangnam)
  • Il Ponte (Anita Bidini, Millennium Seoul Hilton)
  • Ganga (Sinsa-dong)
  • Akasaka (Grand Hyatt Seoul)
  • Ariake (The Shilla)
  • Namu (W Seoul Walkerhill)
  • Byokjae Galbi (Dogok-dong)
  • Wooraeok (Jung-gu)
  • Yongsusan (Chungdam-dong)
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