I know it’s hard for expats to get iPhones in Korea.  But if you happen to have one, are able to rent one when visiting, or live outside Korea with one of the Jesus Phones, ZenKimchi has gotten a lot more useful.  Using WPTouch, we’ve been able to format ZenKimchi Korean Food Journal, ZenKimchi Dining and the SeoulPodcast for the iPhone and Google Android phones.

Now you can scroll through the blog easily.  The tabs menu at the top also gives you the Recipe page, where you don’t have to go back-and-forth between the computer and the kitchen when cooking your favorite Korean foods.  Just make sure not to drop the iPhone into the pot.  It’s also convenient when shopping for ingredients.  Some of the hard-to-find ingredients are in Korean, so you can go to the local Korean market and show the nice proprieters what you’re looking for in Korean.

ZenKimchi Dining has become more useful than an iPhone app.  Here’s a situation.  You’re in Apgujeong, and you’re hungry.  You want to eat somewhere close by, but you’ve learned from experience that many restaurants in Apgujeong are stuffy rip-offs.  Go to ZenKimchi Dining (smart people have an icon for it on their home page).  Go to the tab dropdown menu at the top and choose the “Category” or “Tag” tab.  Scroll down and click “Apgujeong.” All the ZK Dining entries for that area are there.  You can quickly get previews on which ones are pricey or cheap.  Clicking on a restaurant brings up the full review with the reviewer’s ratings, the readers’ ratings and a conveniently interactive Google Map feature showing you exactly where it is.

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