I have a small favor to ask you. A great way to support ZenKimchi is to bring more eyeballs to the site. If you share a post on Facebook or see a ZenKimchi post somewhere else on the web, please comment on it here rather than on Facebook. I have seen some interesting conversations start based on ZenKimchi posts, but they occur on private Facebook circles, where the majority of readers can’t participate. Unless you are obsessed with your privacy (which would not make sense if you’re on Facebook) or directing your comment to a specific friend on FB, please stroll on over here and share your thoughts with us.

Here at ZenKimchi we like playing with new features to improve the overall reading and interactive experience. I’ve been wary about playing with the comment system because I’ve been burned before. We also have an issue with posts from a few years ago not matching the comments underneath them. Been slowly fixing that one.

But I’m trying it again, now. It’s a more enhanced and easier commenting system that uses Facebook Connect, your Twitter ID, even your Yahoo ID to comment. It threads the conversation so you can respond to specific comments. It also makes it easier to share posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Check it out and see if it works for you.

Another subtle change is that I’m experimenting with a new system to make the site load faster. Tell me if you notice any difference.

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