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Steak and Mushroom Pie -- Roboseyo's favorite

You may have noticed a little change on the sidebar–those of you who bother actually coming to the site (sounding like a Korean mom, huh).

We are happy to team up with the Wolfhound.  You may remember that I’ve been a fan of the place for years.  It’s great when we get ads from products and places that we really like.

This is a pilot program for us, too.  You may have noticed that Seoul Eats also carries the ads and is (or has just finished) holding a contest for 20,000 KRW Wolfhound gift certificates.  We’re going to hold a similar contest here, too.  Details will come soon.

We’re showing businesses that online advertising is a great complement to print advertising and completes an effective comprehensive marketing package.  So please support our advertisers.  If you go to the Wolfhound and enjoy it, find Wayne and tell him ZenKimchi sent ya.*

The Wolfhound is promoting its new menu, featuring Thai curries, pasta and even vegetarian options.


I’m a big fan of their burgers with a freshly pulled glass of Alley Kat brew–a good North American microbrew with full flavor.


Their super big breakfast is a red eye treat, complete with Irish whiskey-imbued coffee.


They also serve one of the fugliest yet tastiest concoctions of any western bar in Korea–the Toad-in-the-hole.  Three Irish sausages wrapped in Yorkshire pudding on top of an island of mashed potatoes surrounded by a moat of mushroom gravy.  I need to get me another one of those.

Okay, now I’m hungry.

* Wayne and I are having a friendly little bet on which banners will get the most clicks.

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