We’re starting 2011 by moving to what will hopefully be a faster server. You may not notice much, but I have already seen a big difference on the back end. Please bear with us as I figure out the quirks of this new host.

Personally, I have had a core resolution each year since moving to Korea in 2004. By the end of each year, I have looked back and realized I had accomplished that goal more or less.

This year we want to make ZenKimchi more useful and engaging. There are some projects that have been on the shelf for years, waiting for us to free up some space for them. Now that ZenKimchi, Ltd., is a registered business and I have switched to a more flexible career, we have the ability to do what we have always talked about over chicken and beers. It may result in more frequent posting, but we are firmly in the quality over quantity model here. You can trust that we won’t post a bunch of fluff to artificially boost our hit counts for advertisers, an unfortunate trend I’m starting to see in food blogs these days.

We hope to accomplish the following this year:

  • More recipes – Shin and Tammy have greatly increased the caliber of ZenKimchi’s recipes with their mix of traditional and innovative recipes. It’s made me step up my own game. This year we want to continue this and bring you more Buddhist, experimental and everyday home recipes.
  • Ingredient profiles – From the beginning I have done this, and I need to pick it up again. I’ll post more articles about specific ingredients and how to use them.
  • Interviews – We started doing interviews this year and found out that they’re a lot of fun. We’ll bring more exciting people to talk with us about Korean food.
  • Team ZenKimchi expansion – Expect to hear from more voices with new approaches to Korean cuisine.
  • Podcast – A few of us have been putting together a podcast dedicated to Korean and Asian food.
  • More restaurants – ZenKimchi Dining will get into gear and post more restaurants to help you find a good place for your Friday night.
  • Cooking classes – We’ve been scouting a few locations for some good quality cooking classes for expats, tourists and Koreans.
  • Dining events – Not only will we have restaurant events and tours, we may even have small dinner functions where ZenKimchi will do the cooking. This is something we’ve wanted to do since the beginning of the site.
  • On the go – Later in the year expect smartphone and tablet apps and more electronic and print publishing from Team ZenKimchi.
  • Something big – I hate being vague, but we have a talented international team working on an event in late 2011 that, if we really get it pulled off, will be the largest of its kind in Asia and possibly the world.

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