It’s deadline time for the month. Posting may be light. But I want to remind you that the ZenKimchi Korean Food Collection on Flickr is growing. The most organized photo set of Korean food you’ll find on the internet.

I’m sure it’ll be worth a good thirty minutes of distraction.

A few things coming up in ZenKimchi Land. A few of us are working on a big piece for 10 Magazine. We’re also taking nominations on Twitter for Korean foods to be included in ZenKimchi’s first Korean Food March Madness. I have some recipes from “Star Chef” Kim I need to translate and get online. I also will be giving a lecture along with a cooking demonstration for the big Seoul KOTESOL conference in March. A major site redesign may also be in the works. Still debating that.

So we have a lot to look forward to this spring.

On a techie note, I’m really digging VoxOx. It’s one of those services where you can combine all your instant messaging accounts, including Skype, Facebook and Twitter, into one bundle. It also comes with a VOIP phone feature. The killer app for me is that it has an instant universal translator for instant messaging. It can’t handle complex sentences, but it can translate simple Korean-English phrases no problem.

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