Wow, we’re really having some fun on the journal these days. Visitors have been skyrocketing, and our conversations are lively. I’m having a good time. Are you?

The server came by and gave me the bad news. All this fun has become a bit costly. The extra guests and all the pageviews and conversations have pushed the bill a bit higher, and the server tells me we owe more than usual. I’m trying to get some help from our advertisers, and they’ve been doing what they can, but even that’s not becoming enough. The check last month was pretty effin’ high.

We’re not stopping the party. Keep it going. Just when you feel the desire, throw a dollar or two in the tip jar to show appreciation for your blogger. We greatly appreciate the gratuity.

Just look at the bottom of this post, where it asks to buy a cup of coffee. It’s done through PayPal. Easy and painless. Just something to help us out until we get more sponsors.

Speaking of which–if you’re looking to advertise somewhere with a wonderful passionate group…

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