You miss us?

Yeah, we got seriously hacked this time. I’ve really upped the security around here. Google has officially given us the green bill of health, and it’s taken me a while to get the site working normally post-cleaning.

So, we’re back to posting. In the process, I’ve been working on another serious overhaul of ZenKimchi Dining to include much better maps and navigation, including a mega-map that combines all the reviews in one. I’m going through each review, cleaning it up, and adding the new maps. You can still add your own reviews. In fact, you may be able to make a little pocket change for your reviews soon.

ZenKimchi Tours are picking up. The Dark Side of Seoul Tour has been popular, as well as the Ultimate Korean BBQ Experience. We’re going to continue the Dark Side Tours until December 7th before packing them away for the season. Which brings me to some personal news. I’ll be taking my first real vacation in years–and my first ever vacation with my family–for three weeks in December. Just in case you’re stalking our apartment and are looking for a good time to break in and steal–what do we have that’s valuable?

I’m taking the family to the U.S. for Christmas and New Year’s. It’s the first time EJ and Jian have been to America. It’s the first Christmas I’ve spent with my parents and siblings in ten years. So we’re nervous and excited.

While I’m away, my partner Veronica will be running the tours. She’s a food genius and knows the best restaurants.

Let’s get back to cooking and writing!

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