• Żaklina Bartocha

     Wow… This is great. This is definitely a detailed and excellently presented guide. I have no doubt we will enjoy sight-seeing and tasting our way through it. Thank you!  Zaklina & Sam B.

  • http://www.shinshine.com/ Shin

    Great post – I’ve missed posts like this.  Good to have you back ^_^

  • Bohai246

    Thanks for great post. I will refer this article to anyone asking about restaurants in Seoul.

  • Luke Cleary

    Great post! I’ve actually been to a few of these based on your recommendation– my favorite being Mapo Jeong Daepo

    • http://zenkimchi.com ZenKimchi

      Thank you! I love that place.

      Sent from my Android phone with K-9 Mail. Please excuse my brevity.

  • Richard

    Will try to add a few of this place in my eating list. For a start do you have any specific guide on how to go SamHae
    Jip  and their operating hours

    • http://zenkimchi.com ZenKimchi

      I don’t have the hours on hand. The restaurant is right by Jongno 3-ga Station. Look closely at the map for details. —
      Sent from my Android phone with K-9 Mail. Please excuse my brevity.

      • Richard

        your google map seems wrong. I hope this is the correct url 
        http://www.xn--cg4b49nlvj.kr/. Its in korean and seems like it is hiding in some ally as well. Nice article anyway

        • http://zenkimchi.com ZenKimchi

           Good sleuthing! That’s the first time I’ve seen Google Maps do that. When I had searched for the restaurant, it put it in the right place, but it listed the wrong address. So I copy and pasted the Google Maps address and not the location. I fixed it. It’s showing the correct location now.

  • Colin Spitler

    Thanks for the awesome guide, my mouth is watering and I’m looking forward to getting back to try some of these places, maybe ALL of them.

    In Insadong, for tea, you’ve got to try the fermented pine-needle tea at Jidaebang (지대방). It’s across from one of the dragon’s beard candy makers.

    Thank you for turning me on to San Maul Boribap, truly delicious stuff. The smoked chicken, insane, the seafood pancake, the best I’ve had. After I took my parents, I came about 5 more times with friends. Awesome!

    Vatos Urban Tacos – I will confirm everything you say about them. I’m a Californian, so I know my Mexican food, and they rock it. The scope of their menu is much more limited than Taco Amigo, also in Itaewon, but arguably they do a better job. And the kimchi carnitas fries, whoa! To go and not order them would be a crime.

    I went to Tosokchon last September on a recommendation from some Korean friends, and their samgyetang is very good, though I had some samgyetang a few weeks before in Osan that was even better. The broth was thicker and more flavorful, and they gave you a little Chinese five spice on the side. I’ll try to find the name of the place, but it’s on the same main road near Byeongjeom Station, on the way to Osan, on the right in a little restaurant strip. Fantastic stuff.

  • Rachel Sing Ee

    You are really awesome to do this list!!! Thank you very much~

    • https://twitter.com/ZenKimchi ZenKimchi

       Thank you, Rachel!

  • http://www.mightytravels.com/ MightyTravels

    That looks fantastic – hope my 5 days next month will look as well :)

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