Went out the other night on Anyang’s Food Street to a little DalkGalbi 닭갈비(Chicken Galbi) restaurant. Eun Jeong and I noticed that they served San Nakji 산 낙지(Live Octopus) with their DalkGalbi.

The DalkGalbi itself was a little watery for our tastes, but the San Nakji made up for it. Here’s some video goodness of the event. Eun Jeong and the owner are talking in the background about the qualities of Korean octopus, that it’s softer than Chinese and Japanese octopus. And it definitely was soft.

This one also had a roe sack, and the owner separated it, along with some select innards, from the rest of the food. Eun Jeong wouldn’t touch it. Towards the end of the meal I tried it, and it was amazing. Well, really, for people who appreciate things like this. It tasted like a lobster tamale or sucking the head from a crawfish.

As you can see, this particular Nakji was quite lively. The most lively I’ve ever eaten, and it was tastier than some of the others I’ve had. Just a squirt of sesame oil.


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