Buddhist Temple Lunch: Day 5–Bibimbap 1

Buddhist Temple Lunch: Day 5–Bibimbap

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This time I made sure to get to the temple bistro at a decent time. They were still busy when I walked in. I paid and headed to get my tray and plate and–oh! We have baru bowls and wooden utensils. I looked at the sign.

“비빔밥 입니다”

“Bibimbap imnida.”

Oh, we’re having bibimbap!

So I piled the rice into my bowl and tried to arrange the vegetables on the rice tastefully. I then went nuts with the sesame oil and gochujang, as I do at home. The soup was “sea mustard.” Basically seaweed miyeokguk. The bibimbap was filling. I don’t know about you, but I think the perfect beverage for bibimbap is a glass of chilled clean water.

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  • Hauke Krause

    I like to drink a glass of home made maeshil after having bibimbap. Also helps with digestion if you ate a lot.