Posted by Steve Ward

I finally started the end-all-be-all of projects to find the best places to get coffee in Seoul. I’ve been wanting to create an interactive map of some kind for quite some time and have finally figured out how to do it.

Here’s the thing: I need help with this. I need people to add their own favorite places to the map so that we can all help each other. As such, I want to give contributors their due, and since I already have it set up on my own private blog, rather than re-embedding the map here, I’ll have to ask you to go over there to play around with and contribute to the project. This is not to try and bum traffic off of ZenKimchi. This is just so that I’ll be able to easily update the site with contributors in one place as needed.

Anyway, I hope people can get some use/entertainment out of it.

Steve Ward has been living in Seoul for nearly five years now and has dabbled in many different hobbies and types of work in that time. SteveWard.TV is the homepage of his official online presence.

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