If you have enjoyed my occasional posts about coffee in Korea, you might like my new book, The Coffeeist Manifesto, just released on the Amazon Kindle store. This book contains everything the novice coffee aficionado needs to know about the coffee industry, how to make awesome coffee at home, and how to not get ripped off when visiting coffee shops. The best thing about it is it’s FREE! …for roughly the next 16 hours anyway. If you don’t have a Kindle, don’t forget that the Kindle smartphone app is available on several platforms.

If you don’t like ebooks, it will be available in paperback form very soon through Amazon, What the Book, etc. To make sure you get the latest updates on the book, you can check it out on Facebook and Google+.

If you do enjoy the book and get some good tips out of it, I hope you’ll remember to visit the amazon page again and leave a review.

UPDATE: The free offer has expired, but you can still get it for only $6.99.
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Steve Ward (Videographer, Writer) has been living in Seoul for nearly five years now and has dabbled in many different hobbies and types of work in that time. He briefly became known as ‘SkinnySteve’ because of his mission to lose weight while working on the website SeoulSteves, but since SeoulSteves is now defunct, he’s now kinda-sorta skinny, and he’s really bad at making up nicknames for himself, he’s now ‘JustSteve.’ “Steve” also works just fine. SteveWard.TV is the homepage of his official online presence.

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