The Korea Times reports that CJ will be the first Korean company to bottle and market deep sea water. It’s supposedly a big deal because deep sea water is supposed to be full of minerals, nutrition, and free of bacteria.

Companies have been working on sending pipes 650 to 1,000 meters below the ocean’s surface to pump up this anticipated “well being” trend.

It looks like CJ spent most of their money on the pipes and pumps and didn’t have much left over for market research.

Read the bottle on the right.

Yes, it’s called “MineWater.”

Mmm… when I’m thirsty the first thing I think of is coal slurry.

Granted, it’s pronounced Min-eh Water, but again, it’s that arrogance of marketing departments creating English sounding names and slogans without running it by a native English speaker just to be sure they weren’t looking like morons.

Expect the market to be crowded with these products very soon. The Korean National Assembly has passed a law to make deep sea water legally marketed by February 2008.

And I guess that’s why Lotte Chilsung will market their version in November 2007.

Don’t ask. I’m sure it makes sense to them.

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