Easter has come and gone, which means that my Lenten fasting is over. This year for Lent, I chose to give up drinking beer in the house. Usually for Lent I choose to give up Catholocism*, but I thought I’d do something good this year. Now, I could still drink beer outside the house (like walking to my apartment from the bus stop), and I could still drink wine in the house.

That is over now. And I can drink in front of the computer again.

Expect moer typos.

I always hear the skeptics when Korean companies come out with a new beer. I know, I know, it’s not the same as back home. But really, can you get quality dong dong ju back home? Give Korea some time. Good things will come.

Japan already has a booming microbrew market, and I think it’s only a matter of time in Korea. The major three brands, Hite, Cass, and OB Lager, are all basic beers in the style of weak American lagers. Each foreigner has a sometimes passionate personal preference. I personally prefer Hite.

Hite Stout

The beer makers recently have been experimenting with new products to expand their marketshares. A few years ago, Hite came out with Hite Stout. It’s not really a stout in the sense that Guinness is a stout. It’s more of a black and tan. It’s still my favorite Korean produced beer flavorwise.

Hite also had Hite Prime, which was my second favorite beer until they came out with Hite Prime Max last year. It’s a smoother malty beer.

OB came out with its Blue last year too. I don’t have much to say about it other than it’s better than original OB.

Now we have Cass Red.

It arrived with a bit of fanfare because it has the distinction of having the currently highest alcohol percentage of all Korean beers–6.9%.

I’ve had beers like this in Germany and in the States. But it has been years since then. So my first try of this knocked me on the floor. It tasted slightly like beer with a dash of soju thrown in. It got me buzzed after one can. I actually like the taste too.

This stuff is dangerous. Liquid heroin–more so than soju. At least soju has a bite and is hard to go down at first. Cass Red just goes down smoothly and sneaks up on you and hits you with the drunk bat before you stand up to get another one.

Oh, this is going to be an interesting summer.

* Thanks Brant for that one liner.

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