Props to Lost Nomad for bringing this to my attention.

Anheuser-Busch is teaming with Ku Soju to mass market soju for the American market. As of now, California has been the only market for Ku Soju. Even though soju is very cheap in popular in Korea, at around $1 a bottle, it’s not so cheap in America. The mass marketed product will still be distilled in Korea by Doosan.

It looks like they’re marketing this as a cheap alternative to vodka and is pushing the angle that it is distilled from sweet potatoes. I agree that soju tastes similar to vodka and can be used as a replacement in many cocktails, as they themselves suggest on their site. This gives them an edge because in California and New York, you have to have a special license to sell beverages with higher alcohol contents, such as wine and spirits. Since soju has a vodka-like flavor but is around 20-24% alcohol, it can be sold next to the beers and malt beverages at grocery and convenience stores.

So all of you who miss your Korean liquid crack and those of you who have been curious about what the big deal is, there are little green bottles in your future.

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