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  • Last modified: August 12, 2014
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Review Summary:

After nearly three years of looking, I’d given up on finding heart warming Vietnamese food in Korea. I’d made my peace with this and found what comfort I could in the bland pho that can be found around most AK Plazas or Newcores.

However, a few months ago I started KIIP classes which are filled with students from all over. One of my classmates is Vietnamese and when lunch came she walked us all across the street to a fantastic Vietnamese restaurant. Since then, every Sunday you can find the two of use stuffing our faces with any number of delights.

Of course, the funny part of this is that I have no idea exactly what I’ve tried. My classmate never listens to me when I tell her what I want to eat. Instead she orders me what she thinks I should eat. I’d throw more of a fit if the menu was in English or even entirely in Korean, but it isn’t. It’s mostly in Vietnamese and the only thing I can read is pho.

Thankfully that was one of the first things she ordered for me. It was like the heavens opened up and angels sang. It was a warm hug on a rainy day. If you love traditional pho, this should make you completely, entirely happy. It has the herbs, it has the pho flavor, it has the prefect noodles.

Also, last week, I finally did succeed in getting her to order one thing I had wanted for a while, the fresh rolls, and boy was I glad. They were like taking my palate to the spa. No strange or surprising flavors, just the herbs and freshness that I love. It was so lovely to give my mouth a break from surprises and just relish the familiarity of fresh herbs and chili sauce.

As for the feeling of the place, I think it’s loaded with atmosphere. This is the kind of place foreigners come to smoke cigarettes, drink a little, hang out with their friends all day, and complain about ex-pat life. In short, it’s the Vietnamese foreigner bar. What’s not to love about that?

While waiting for your food, you can also shop their little mini-mart area for treats like coconut water and coconut candies. Sometimes they are even selling avocados for a good price. I usually pick-up something special for home.

Location: Near Osan Station
Cuisine: Traditional Vietnamese Food
Reservations: No
Suggested Items: Fresh Rolls, Sae-u Gogi Deopbap 새우고기 덮밥, Pho

Other Amenities: Mini Asian Mart inside.



경기도 오산시 오산동 875-2 2F

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