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  • Sanbong Hwarogui 산봉 화로구이
  • Published on: January 12, 2010
  • Last modified: August 14, 2014
  • Ambience
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Review Summary:

Bottom line:  Great food at reasonable prices, located in a nice area of town with lots of nearby coffee shops or bars for Round Two.

This is simply my favorite restaurant in Korea because the food is so tasty. The first item on the menu -- marinated beef samgyeopsal -- is amazing.  The dish comes in two-person portions, but it's so good I usually end up eating the equivalent of one entire order all by myself.  The beef is cut similar to regular pork samgyeopsal, but it's so thin that you can easily tear it if you pick it up carelessly to put it on the grill.

The dwaenjang jiggae here is the best I've ever had in Korea, and even other Koreans are surprised at how good it is.  Be sure to give that a try towards the end of the meal.

This is a great place to take a date, and after dinner stroll through the trendy Apgujeong neighborhood or one of the local coffee shops.

Prices:  Whenever I eat here, the food's so good I eat a LOT so it ends up costing me some dough.  If you just eat one or two portions, dinner for two will probably cost you $40.

Cuisine: Korean
Reservations: Optional (takes reservations but not needed)
Suggested Items: Marinated beef samgyeopsal, Dwaengjang jiggae

Other Amenities:

Phone: 02) 546-2229, 2252-3


Center map
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From Hakdong Sageori (the intersection with the gorilla climbing the building), walk north about 275 meters to the entrance of Rodeo Drive.  Turn left onto Rodeo Drive and walk about 200 meters.  You’ll pass a number of coffee shops, but after you see a coffee shop with “chocolate” in its name (I don’t remember the exact name of the coffee shop), you’ll want to take the next left down a narrow one-lane road.  The restaurant is about 50 meters down the street on a corner.  The red and yellow sign for the restaurant (in Hangul) is visible from Rodeo Drive.

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