Ong-Go Jip 옹고집
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  • Ong-Go Jip 옹고집
  • Published on: April 21, 2010
  • Last modified: August 13, 2014
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Review Summary:

I live in southwestern Seoul, and I noticed a lack of reviews of restaurants and bars in this area.  Accordingly, I've teamed up with my friend Tuttle (also a SW Seoul resident).  We plan to begin posting reviews from this area, primarily in and around 강서구 (Gang-seo-gu).  Hopefully we can interest other readers living in this area to post reviews of some of their favorite places as well.  There are good restaurants outside of Gangnam and Itaewon, let's spread the news.

We started out last night at a pork restaurant that I've been visiting since about 2003.  Unlike many places, this one has been around 11 years and still going strong.

The gabeurisal (or pork chine) is a sweet, tender cut from near the blade end of the loin.  Cooked over hot coals in a table grill, the meat was sliced about one-fifth inch and quite lean, though there was the right amount of marbling for a good sizzle.  Wrapped in leaf lettuce or sesame leaves, with a dab of ssamjang and/or their excellent kimchi, gabeurisal is a cut above samgyupsal in flavor and in fat content, at the same price point.

Cuisine: Korean – Pork
Location: Gangseo-gu, Seoul
Reservations: Optional (takes reservations but not needed)
Suggested Items: 가브리살 (Gabeurisal) 6,000 won / 150g

Other Amenities: The interior is a very pleasant, rustic style.  There are two kinds of seating available, regular table and chairs, and two semi-Korean style areas (you must take off your shoes, but the area underneath the table is recessed, so you don’t have to cross your legs).  As an engineer, I was drawn to the quaint knob-and-post wiring of the lamp fixtures.

The bathroom is outside, no sink(!) although wet cloth napkins are available inside.

Limited parking available right in front of the restaurant.

Phone: 02-2604-9888  /  011-686-5985

서울시 강서구 화곡6동 1120-1

1120-1 Hwagok-6-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul
It’s right in the middle of the Gangseo-gu dining and drinking area, which is in southeast quadrant of the main Gangseo-gu intersection (per the attached Google maps link)

By train the best stops would be

2-line-spur 까치산역 (Kkachisan Station)
5-line      화곡역 (Hwagok Station)
9-line      가양역 (Gayang Station)

Each of these stations would be a pretty long walk, with Gayang Station being the closest, probably about 15 minute walk.  All of them are a short minimum taxi fare ride.  Tell the driver to take you to the Gangseo-gu office area.

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