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Review Summary:

This is the second review from the Stumbler/Tuttle team from Southwest Seoul.  This week our plan was to eat Galbi-jjim at a restaurant named 안의갈비 (An-ui Galbi), located at Balsan Station, Line 5.  The Stumbler used to eat there frequently some years ago, and noticed about one year ago it had moved across the street.  Well, we were in for a little surprise.

The building where it had moved also houses the pork and beef restaurant owned by the local wrestler-turned-comedian/emcee celebrity, 강호동 (Gang Ho-dong).  The name of this restaurant is 육칠팔 (678).  But last night, the 안의갈비찜 sign was completely gone!  Upon asking the receptionist, it turns out that 강호동 had purchased that restaurant and added their dishes to his menu.  We were just hungry, and didn’t care whose name was on the door, so we sat down to eat.

Galbi-jjim is sort of like a spicy Korean pot roast made with bone-in rib meat.

678 offered galbi-jjim in three styles: mild, spicy and cheese(!).  Koreans tend to think Westerners are unable to withstand spicy food, and we made the error of being over-cautious in asking for “medium” spicy, which they were happy to provide.  Unfortunately, this turned out to be nearly bland, so we would recommend the full-on spicy version.

There were also three sizes: 550, 650 and 800 grams of beef.  Again, the waiter was worried about our delicate constitutions, but on portion size we were on much more familiar ground, and ordered the large, which we polished off to the last smidge.  Apparently, the larger portion of meat did not entail a larger portion of vegetables, so we would both have liked more carrots and potatoes in the tasty sauce.

Panchan included ice soup, some seaweed-like-vegetable, a bowl of hot egg custard and white kimchi — refills available, and for the kimchi, necessary.

Also, the fried rice cooked in the pot after the main course is finished costs extra, but is well worth it.

Speaking of cost, stop at the ATM on your way – the large serving was 50,000 won, but worth the price in our opinion.

Cuisine: Korean
Reservations: Optional (takes reservations but not needed)
Suggested Items: Steamed Beef Ribs followed by Fried Rice

Other Amenities: The interior is very large, open and roomy.  The building is pretty new, and it is quite clean.  Modern, clean bathrooms are located inside.  Parking is available behind the restaurant.

The service was very quick – they had a lot of waiters and waitresses.  Almost too many, it seemed.  The wait staff, while plentiful, seemed a little inexperienced – they appeared to be mostly high school students.  But we had only two minor problems – they seated us in the non-smoking section without asking (Tuttle smokes), but didn’t hesitate to bring an ashtray when asked.  We also had to ask twice to get the bottle of beer we ordered.

After dinner, there are quite a few bars nearby.  At the Balsan main intersection, the four buildings on each corner each feature a top-floor “sky lounge”, some of them with live music.  As Tuttle has pointed out in a previous blog posting, there are good singing rooms nearby as well.

Phone: 02-1577-3678

Website: http://www.678.co.kr/


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