I have a friend.

(Good for you, Joe!)

This friend is a world traveler. He really knows his food. He has very high standards for restaurants. He used to live in Japan and went to the best places in Tokyo–regularly. And he’s been trying to find comparable places in Seoul. He’s the one who introduced me to UltraMEN.

So, this place he took me to was a spiritual experience. It was a temple to food. It’s hidden in a basement in an office building. It has two seatings for lunch and two seating for dinner. Only ten people allowed per seating. You need to really reserve in advance.

No menu. Just lunch and dinner. Plus drinks if you want.

And get this–it’s only W40,000 for lunch and W60,000 for dinner. This is a land where no one thinks twice about putting down W150,000 or more for decent sushi.

This was the best sushi experience I ever had. It looked like “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.” The sushi chefs didn’t talk unless they were telling you what they were serving you. It was a quiet dance. The details were all there. The sushi was placed at an angle to be easily picked up with my right hand. Soy sauce and real wasabi were supplied, but they weren’t necessary. The restaurant was quiet, and it needed to be. Each bite demanded your full attention.

(Where is this place? I gotta go!)

This is a place that I’m not sure I want to tell everyone about. You’ll have to do some work. Not hard work. I’m going to drop clues on our Facebook page and Twitter account. Maybe I’ll post something on Instagram or Pinterest.



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