Cook 'n Heim 쿡앤하임
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  • Cook 'n Heim 쿡앤하임
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  • Last modified: August 12, 2014
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Review Summary:

Located in Samcheong-dong, the gorgeous neighborhood east of Gyeongbokgung Palace, Cook 'n Heim strives to be a gallery and restaurant inside a classic Korean building. I'll admit I was skeptical. I was expecting the typical overpriced pretentiousness that usually inhabits "fusion" places like this. We have been pleasantly surprised by the burgers. They're well seasoned. They have ample toppings with a few fries on the side. And the prices are competitive with other "gourmet" burger places. The Gorgonzola Burger comes on cushy focaccia with what tastes like a wine reduction. The New York Burger is a classic no-frills burger. And that's a good thing.

Location: Jongno
Cuisine: Burgers, Italian
Reservations: Accepted
Suggested Items: Gorgonzola Burger, New York Burger

Other Amenities: English menu

Phone: 02-733-1109



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