Atelier du Saint-Ex
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Le Saint-Ex was one of the pioneers of Itaewon's Restaurant Alley.  A classic French bistro, it delivers homey Gallic cuisine in a transporting atmosphere. It is in its new phase as Atelier du Saint-Ex. Like most foreign restaurants, it isn't cheap, but it is also a good deal for what you get--and for what they can get as ingredients in Korea.  The menu is written on a blackboard, and it rotates regularly.  The salads are great, and the salmon was hearty.  The big draw is the dessert table.  All these desserts require a cup of thick French coffee to complete the experience.  I recommend the Floating Island--creme Anglaise topped with a meringue and coated with a glassy layer of caramel.  It's like eating a giant toasted marshmallow with golden cream inside.

Cuisine: French
Reservations: Recommended
Suggested Items: Daily specials, any of the desserts

Other Amenities: English, French and Korean menu.  English spoken.

Phone: 02.795.2465


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