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The first time I saw Maison de Creme I knew in my heart it was going to be special. Mostly unassuming, if you have a knowledge of things French you can tell from the street it isn’t pretending. You can feel the love and the passion for design and flavor before you even walk in the door. Yes, it’s obviously the love of an outsider, but it’s an outsider with an obsession for the important parts. Once you get inside, you just kind of melt into it. Or at least I do, because the design and ambience feel like a clear mountain lake on a sunny afternoon. The rest of the world no longer exists.

Of course, I expected to enjoy the atmosphere and let that be enough. However, when I sauntered up to the confectionery case, I was caught off guard by the Earl Grey Chiffon Cake. I mean, really? In Korea? In the backstreets? I decided to call their bluff and ordered a big old slice. Well, they showed me. For the first time outside of Europe, when they said, “Chiffon Cake.” they sold me a chiffon cake. Not only that, but the Earl Grey completely caused a flavor-gasm. It was light, airy, delicate and wispy in taste and texture. Like a beautiful dream that you savor even as it slips away. My mind melted a little.

So, obviously it was a one-off right? Wrong. Next I tried the Chocolate Macaron and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. This was quickly followed by the Raspberry Macaron which made me reconsider all that was holy. Keep in mind, before this day I thought macarons were a complete waste of a good egg.

After that I just kept going. I tried all the different chocolate cakes, cheese cakes, the Peach Ginger Ice Tea, their steaks over rice, and steaks with sauce. In fact I’ve eaten my way through most of their menu. Savory or sweet, I ordered it and I was happy. Not just happy, but I felt butterflies from the excitement when each bite was better than I’d hoped.

Please note, I’m not saying that this is 100% French food. There are nods to Asia, Italy or even North Europe here and there, but none of them harm the experience because they are delicious nods.

Maison de Creme does not have a big menu. They don’t produce massive amounts of anything and the items on the menu change regularly. This is a tiny boutique cafe that highlights the owners passion for design, delicate flavors, food, and things French. When you visit Maison de Creme you are being transported into a beautifully curated world that is far from the maddening crowd. Because of this, you never know what will be in the confectionery case so be ready to just enjoy what is present and not expect what existed in the past.

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