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JW Marriott, near Express Bus Terminal, has been giving a teppanyaki makeover to its Japanese restaurant Mikado. For the month of May, guest chef Cyrus Mann A. Platon, a teppanyaki master from Benihana at Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort & Spa in Australia, will be cooking his menu. And we all know that at Benihana cooking also means performing.

I was thrilled to be invited to try out the menu. The Experience course is W120,000, and the Luxury course is W140,000.

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We chose one of each. I love my scallops with teppanyaki, but I also had to try the lamb and lobster.

I’ve wondered why teppanyaki hasn’t been popular my entire decade in Seoul. Maybe dining at non-Korean restaurants had to be serious, no fun? I think that casual dining has firmly established itself here now. I hope we’re ready for more teppanyaki places. Forgive me, but it’s a guilty pleasure from childhood. I want to take my daughter to places like this.

For now, there is Mikado. And it’s good. Make sure to catch Chef Cyrus before he leaves. He’s a lot of fun.

Lobster, scallops, king prawn

Lobster, scallops, king prawn

Lobster, scallops, and king prawn on the teppan

Lobster, scallops, and king prawn on the teppan


Chef Cyrus

Chef Cyrus

maesengi (deep sea seaweed) soup with sea urchin roe

We finished with a maesengi (deep sea seaweed) soup with sea urchin roe. OMG! Had to go somewhere private with this lovely.


Lamb chops

Lamb chops. First time I’ve had them in a teppanyaki restaurant.

Fried rice

Gotta have the fried rice.


Deeply flavored green tea ice cream–not overtly sweet

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