Belgrade Bar & Grill
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Review Summary:

Cozy atmosphere for gorging on sausages and other succulent meats and Serbian dishes.


Location: Itaewon
Cuisine: Serbian, European
Reservations: Accepted
Suggested Items: MEAT!! And the Paprika Salad

I’ve been meaning to try out Belgrade for a while. They had been getting some buzz for their hearty Serbian dishes. They are famous for their meat platter, which includes housemade sausages. The sausages themselves (Kobaje) are light on filler and heavy on the meat itself. They now have a succulent barbecued chicken (Batak) served on a bun or included in the meat platter. The hidden gem is the Paprika Salad. A red bell pepper is grilled, peeled, and drizzled in olive oil and garlic. Classic simple flavors that are perfect as is. Proof that the best cooking comes from great ingredients done simply. Belgrade is best enjoyed with friends on a cold evening. The beers are great, paired best with the meat. The interior is cozy and woody. It promises for a nice evening punctured by witty intimate conversation.


Other Amenities: English menu, English spoken

Phone: 02-796-6933


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