Fun times at one of the previous cooking classes

O’ngo Food Communications, one of our sponsors, has passed on this information on upcoming cooking classes and culinary tours. They’re getting quite popular.

Korean Market Tour and Cooking Classes
The class starts with a tour of a traditional Korean Market (Eumma Market near Daechi Stn. ex. 3). Then you will go to the O’ngo Cooking Studio near Gangnam-gu Office) for a cooking lesson in English and a chance to make your own Korean dishes.
6/5: seafood pancakes, kimchi tofu, makgeolli cocktails, and fresh Korean salad.
6/7, 6/12, 6/21: bulgogi, cucumber kimchi, and marinated tofu side dish.
6/14, 6/19: red chili chicken (daktoritang), spinach and bean sprouts.
6/26: seafood pancakes and kimchi tofu.
W60,000 per person includes tour, cooking class, and recipes. Contact Daniel Gray at [email protected] or 010-6661-7769

Korean Night Dining Tour
Taking place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nights, this tour provides a crash course on Korea’s exciting late-night food and drinking culture. The tour starts at Kwangjang Market and continues to historic Jongno 3-ga where you can eat Korean BBQ, drink makgeolli (rice wine) and dine at a tent restaurant. W80,000 per person includes food, drinks, and tour guide. Contact Daniel Gray at [email protected] or 010-6661-7769 for a detailed schedule.

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